Debt Syndication/Fund Raising

Debt Syndication We at KJ FinCap understand clients’ requirements by reviewing their history, current position and future plans. On this basis, we define a capital structure that is optimum for our clients’ needs. We offer a range of debt syndication services like :

  • Working capital financing -Ease up by adding funds to your day to day activity
  • Term Loan – Loans for machinery in INR as well as Foreign currency.
  • Project finance /Real Estate Funding – Funds arranged for particular project – Greenfield or brownfield.
  • Back guarantee backed funding – Convert your Non-fund based limits to fund based.
  • LCBD / Factoring – Cash in your future receivables. Apple fans in the following countries can now pick up the hugely impressive, if a little costly, ode to apple design canada, brazil, singapore, new zealand, italy, netherlands, sweden, spain, and norway and ireland.
  • Lease rent discounting – Use your future receivables all at present for your business of other productive purposes.
  • Loan Against Shares – Leverage your equity for short term.
  • Loan Against Property - Leverage your property to infuse funds for your business.
  • Buyers Credit / Suppliers Credit – Rollover of you Letter of credit at less than 3% PA.
  • Debt swapping with limits enhancement